Granite Engraving

Our Engraving Process

How We Engrave Granite Pet Memorials

Here at Furever Memorials, we engrave all of our granite pet memorials using the highest quality CNC machine available on the market.

It is known as "Diamond-Impact."

Unlike laser, which only burns the very top layer of the stone, our engraving machine physically hits the granite stone using a diamond needle.

This results in a much deeper and brighter engraving.

Here's an example...

Here's an engraving done by a competitor using Laser:

And the same engraving done by us using "Diamond-Impact":

As you can see, the difference is staggering. The engraving we did using "Diamond-Impact" is so much brighter and more detailed.

Take a look at the dog's fur and how much more depth there is to the engraving done using "Diamond-Impact." Did you notice the whiskers and how they don't even show up in the laser engraved version?

How It Works

Our "Diamond-Impact" CNC engraving machine hits the surface of the granite with a diamond needle at the rate of 200 times a second.

The closer the impact are to each other, the brighter the engraving becomes.

This allows us to engrave a spectrum of whites and grays, giving us total control of the look and feel of the engraving.

Here's an example of the different shades we can engrave...

This photo was taken after engraving a 12" x 12" granite plaque.

It is 100% natural granite stone. No paint or highlights have been added.

Curious to see our engraving machine in action?

Watch the time-lapsed video below...

(Note: Video is sped up. Total engraving time is 1 hour 31 minutes.)


If "Diamond Impact" engraving is so much better than Laser engraving... Why isn't everyone using it?

Two reasons.


It takes much longer to engrave a pet memorial using "Diamond-Impact" than it does with laser.

On average, it takes our CNC engraving machine 60 to 90 minutes to engrave a single pet memorial (excluding the time it takes to create the layout and professionally edit the photograph.)

Unfortunately, most engraving companies aren't willing to wait that long.

Time is money for them.

And they end up sacrificing quality for quantity.


Because an industrial CNC engraving machine can cost over $15,000, most companies choose laser because it can engrave many different types of materials.

A laser engraving machine can engrave glass, ceramic, tiles, aluminium, painted metal, wood and, of course, granite stone.

Which means, they can tackle on many projects.

And even though laser produces an inferior engraving compared to "Diamond-Impact", in their minds, it's good enough.

Sadly, most pet owners aren't aware of this.

And they'll never know how much better their pet's memorial could have looked had it been engraved by us using "Diamond-Impact".

Here at Furever Memorials, we believe a high-quality engraving is worth our time!

The vast majority, over 90%, of our customers choose to have their pet's photograph engraved on their pet's memorial.

So, it's very important that the engraving of their pet's photograph look as realistic and life-like as possible.

That's why we'll spend an extra hour or two to professionally edit each photograph before it is engraved on the granite stone.

We create highlights and shadows, and we add details. Basically, we do everything we can so the engraving turns out stunning once engraved.

Here's an example of our "Before" and "After" our editing process...

Notice how we added details in the dog's fur to make it look wavy.

If we were to simply engrave the photograph as it was given to us (like most other engraving companies would do), it would just look white.

The edited the photograph will give the engraving life, depth and detail.

Here's what the finished memorial looks like...

It turned out beautiful.

And best of all, the customer was ecstatic!

Would you like us to create a beautiful memorial in your pet’s honour?

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