Who am I and what is Furever Memorials?

My name is Jean Cote, and I'm the founder of Furever Memorials. These were my pets, from left to right: Chase, Sylvester, and Onyx. 

After fifteen long years, I lost the two dogs I had raised since they were puppies.

In honour of their lives and the love they gave me, I created a beautiful memorial to remember them. I received so many compliments on it that I decided to offer my memorial-making craftsmanship to pet owners around the world.

Read my story below . . .


Got puppy Onyx

Spring of 2004. This photo was taken the day I welcomed my puppy Onyx into my home and heart.

I was totally unprepared. I had to stop by the pet store on my way home from the breeder, and I picked up $300 worth of pet supplies.

She was the cutest Siberian Husky!

Went to dog training school

Knowing the importance of having a happy and well-behaved family dog, I immediately enrolled Onyx in a local dog training school. Little did I know that I would really enjoy training . . .

We went on to train all four puppy and obedience levels.

(She was restless when the photo was taken . . . typical husky behavior!)



Got puppy Chase

Fall of 2005. This was when we welcomed our puppy Chase, a border collie, into our furry family.

She was a friend for Onyx to play with and another training challenge for me to take on—win-win! She was a bundle of joy and would play Frisbee until she could no longer walk.

Competed in dog agility

You know those obstacle courses for dogs you see on TV? You know, the ones with tunnels, A-frames, and weave poles? That’s called “agility,” and I trained both my dogs to do that.

And in the summer of 2006, I competed in my first agility competition with Onyx, and we won first place!



Trained Onyx to play chess

Having mastered the art of dog training, I challenged myself to teach Onyx a game I once thought impossible: chess.

It only took a few weeks to teach her this skill . . . isn't it amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it?

(Psst! You can watch how I did it by clicking here.)

Created Dog Trick Academy

Wanting to help other dog owners train their dogs, I launched the Dog Trick Academy website.

It took off like wildfire, quickly growing to over 15,000 forum members.

Together, we would teach our dogs a new trick each week, like “shy”, “bang”, “cop-Cop” and “fetch a Flower.”



Skijoring with my dogs!

Bored and looking for something fun to do during the cold Canadian winter months, I set my eyes on skijoring! What is it? It's like sledding but the dogs pull you on cross-country skis.

It's thrilling! Especially when you go downhill and the dogs are pulling literally as fast as they can run.

Launched Success Dogs

After achieving so much with my dogs—obedience, agility, skijoring, tricks, etc.—other dog owners naturally started asking me for help with training their dog.

So, I used my knowledge to create online dog training courses that are sold under the “Success Dogs” brand.



Older Chase

My beloved Chase developed many health issues in her senior years. She had thyroid issues and was coughing, drinking excessively, and overweight, and her blood work was abnormal.

I did everything I could to help her, spending thousands of dollars on visiting many vets (including holistic vets).

Then one day, at age 12½, she could no longer walk or feel her hind legs.

Sadly, we had no choice but to put her to sleep.

Older Onyx

Onyx, on the other hand, was the opposite and stayed healthy her entire life!

Her only issue was that she developed arthritis in her hind legs, making it difficult for her to walk or stand for long periods of time. (Nothing a little bit of pain medicine and a dog wheelchair couldn't fix!)

Sadly, she passed away of natural causes in my arms at age 15½.


A memorial in my dogs' honour . . .

Having experienced SO much with my dogs—puppyhood, obedience and trick training, agility competitions, and skijoring—they became a BIG part of my life . . .

Once they both passed, I wanted to honour their lives and the unconditional love they had given me all those years.

That's when I decided to craft a memorial in their honour!

Here's what it looks like:

Do you want me to create a beautiful memorial in your pet’s honour?

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